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School days in the old NR & Zambia '62 0n
Written by Bill Kelly   
Friday, 05 February 2010 11:58

I had the dubious pleasure of having finished my schooling at King George VI Broken Hill (Kabwe).

I arrived on my first day in full brand new uniform, blazer, hat the whole nine yards. Wow!

The HM at that time was one Dr.Hollow who was a fantastic gentleman, but no sense of discpline at all, consequently it was something else. The guys had gypoed their uniform, short tight pants, socks around the ankles, ducktail hair styles, packet of cigerettes in the shirt pocket. The girls pulled their dresses up at the waist until they had micro minis. Coming from Chaplin in Gwelo, I was amazed to say the least, but quickly adapted and got into the wrong crowd, but I loved them.

We used to take turns to smoke in the science lab in a cupboard under the long benches at which we were seated, tendrils of smoke coming out around the bunson burners.

Guy I remember, little handsome devil by the name of Mickey Ludick used to smooch girls in class and all that was said to the loving couple by the teacher was, "Ludick there is a time and place for everything, lets get back to the lesson" - "Are gee Sir"

Our science master was a very brilliant fellow by the name of Mr.Sansom - we used to call him Snoopy. He had been badly affected in the war and we found out he was very nervious and shell shocked. One of our number had possession of an emptied hand grenade, "Look what I found on the way to school Sir" rolled it across the desk, the detonating handle went flying off and Snoopy passed out dead away. We thought we had killed him. Every boy in the class got 6 from the Dep.Head. To this day I feel bad for what we did to that poor man. The Woodwork Teacher (forgot his name)was an alcoholic. We jacked up one rear wheel of his Triumph Herald - Took him hours to catch on, dropping the clutch and reving and reving going no where. He was eventually taken away from the school, literally by guys in white smocks - we never saw him again.

Then horrors at the begining of our penultimate year, a new HM was appointed by the name of Brown and in one term he turned the whole school into a model institution......

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Bill Kelly