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Salisbury England - 4th June 2011
Written by Clive Horner   
Wednesday, 08 June 2011 10:10

I did say I would write a small article. For me it was not just a re-union but a weekend away from home.

I left Great Yarmouth, Friday morning, quite early. I had not travelled by coach in more than 20years. However it was to be a weekend I won’t forget. I arrived at the coach station with the help of my friend who is a cabbie. Got there far too early. Sitting and waiting (really bored), then along came a family who were returning home after a great holiday. I’m a chatty guy and got into a conversation with the kids, they had a great holiday and really wanted to talk. The journey began, the kids were great, the coach was far better than I expected. It was just so hot! The sun was thumping down all day. The driver got lost twice and so the journey which should have taken 4&1/2 hour took 6. By the time I arrived at Victoria Coach Station, I was not only hot but melting.

Since I last travelled by coach Victoria has become two stations, which did confuse me a bit. Progress I suppose. I had to leave the station and walk across the road to travel on to Salisbury. I was so cream crackered, had no strength left. Left the station and around the next corner was an asian cafe, I went in and asked for a coffee and some food. They seemed to sense that I was done for. The lady in charge said sit down and we will bring your food and drink. That they did, It gave me a chance to get myself together. I would like to thank those guys for their help.

However it was time to move on, I managed to cross the road to catch the coach to Salisbury. When I asked where the coach would leave from (O’no the far end of the station). I walked halfway through the station, then had to sit. My legs just gave in, while I rested there was a black lady with her daughter sitting opposite. She asked if I was OK, thanks but yes I just need a rest. She asked where I was going, I said Salisbury and the departure gate is right down the end of the station, which is why I was taking a break. She went on to say if I could make it she would carry my bag, her daughter would watch there’s. Being a male I said thanks but I can make it. I then stood up, a little wobbly and she said give me your bag I will help and of course she did.

I finally got on the coach to Salisbury and all went well, until we arrived. No taxi rank (nothing). By this time I really was beginning to suffer. I asked the staff how I could get a cab. You can’t not from here, you will need to walk to the main coach terminal, OK! Where is it, only half a mile away, turn right and walk for two blocks then turn left and walk another two blocks. Hey come-on I got no energy left, I couldn’t walk a hundred yards, forget half a mile. I left the bus station and walked down the road, I reached the first corner and knew I could go no further. I was all in, a young guy walked by and I asked did he have the number for a local taxi company. He said no but there was a pub just round the corner and felt sure they could help. I managed to reach the pub and ordered a really cold lemonade with ice. Spoke to the barmaid (really nice young lady). Asked for the number of a local taxi company. I didn’t get the number, she phoned them for me. Finally reached my hotel, totally worn out but there. People can be wonderful without the help of others I really couldn’t have made it.

I booked in, then had a shower and crashed. I had made it. Next morning (Saturday) was the re-union. Kris had offered to give me a lift to the re-union, she arrived earlier than I expected so we had time for a cup of tea and were able to get to know each other. (What a really nice lady). We then left for the re-union. Although I was a little apprehensive I need not have been, we met so many nice people, and for me it was a chance to meet Tim who I had lost contact with over the years. It also gave me the opportunity to put faces to names. Hartley & Sue, David & Gill, the Kabwe girls who organised it all. I don’t know you individually, although I was pleased to meet you all and would like to thank-you for the work you put in organising the event and seeing we all had such a great day. You really are a great bunch of ladies. (Thanks).

However the weekend didn’t finish there. Unknown to me Tim was staying at the same hotel, Kris was not happy with the hotel she had booked, so transferred to ours. This meant of course we could continue to chew the fat into the evening. It was nice, so much to talk about. How we never met in Zambia, I don’t know, many of our friends were the same, we had the same interests, just never met. But that is life.

It is now time for me to travel home. This time I would get it right. Dump the jacket even though it was a light weight summer one. We met for breakfast, another chance to get together. I was the first to leave. The others were driving, I was not. I had a time table and so left first.

What a fantastic weekend, a real blast from the past, enjoyed every moment, will remember last weekend for a long time. Thanks to all that made us welcome.0

It’s now time to go home, caught the coach in Salisbury, no prob., today it’s cooler much better weather to travel. Got to Victoria Coach Station. No! 2 hours to wait, OK went to same asian cafe, little lady not there but met the owner, really nice guy. Spent an hour there and it was time to move on. Went to the departure station, but bought a Sunday Paper just to kill time. I need not have bothered. Worn out looking to sit down, found a seat. The guy next to me was from Chile, travelling round Europe. A really nice guy, so interesting to talk to, time flew by. Got on the coach what a blast from the past. The driver had the most Norfolk Accent, have not heard that in years. Arrived at the coach station, spent a lot of time chatting, why not.

Basil Brush turned up and took me home. Not a joke, his name is Paul but he looks like Basil Brush hence the name.

I will end now, but I would like to thank the ladies for the effort they made. I had a fabulous weekend. (THANKS). I would also like to offer my thanks to Hartley & Sue, David & Gill, Kristien and Tim also.

Thanks to all, a great weekend.