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Written by Ray Critchell   
Sunday, 05 July 2009 23:37
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It is coincidental that in less than one year from now I will have been retired - and drawing a pension - for as many years as I worked to get it. That time period is also almost the same as I spent from birth up to the events where chapter one of this saga began.

Having got into the swing of this writing lark, and in the hope that my memory retrieval system lasts out, I must confess that I am now toying with the idea of sharpening up my quill pen, changing the guttering candle stub for a new one and start producing the prequel to cover those early years. That would be for completeness, and the interest, I would hope, of my children's children's children.

And so for now, farewell to those folk who have been interested enough to plough through all this with me, and I leave with some verses from a poem by Edward Baldock that recently caught my eye as being appropriate to my time of life.

The quiet and simple life is best,
The peaceful tranquil ways,
The daily task - the nights of rest,
May I thus spend my days.
To watch the seasons come and go,
And sense the greatness here,
To watch cloud galleons drifting slow,
And natures voices hear.
These are the things I would attain
As I move on through life.
Eternal things which will remain
In spite of wars and strife
To watch the hills at the end of the day
When deepening shadows lengthen.
To lift my heart and simply say,
May god my courage strengthen.
In quiet courts may my mind repose
And clearly light the way.
A sober faith may I compose
While here on earth I stay.
And when my earthly life is done
Pray may I go in peace.