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NB: Before trying to register for this site please be sure that you are eligible to become a member. You will be checked and scrutinised very carefully before you will be accepted.

To register for the site click on the 'Registration' link in the 'Membership' menu. This will take you to the registration form. There are a number of items on the form that must be complete, these are marked by an *.  There is also a registration option on the Login Form.

Apart from your own User Detail the items that are required are where you currently live and where you lived in Zambia. This information will be used to confirm your current location, in conjunction with your IP address.

You must provide the name of either a Member of this site, or two other people who have lived in Northern Rhodesia / Zambia, who can vouch for you.

I hope that you understand why we want to make sure that only qualifying people become members of this site.

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